Gourmet Jerky:  No Nitrates - No MSG - Low Fat - High Protein - Sugarless

All Natural Gourmet Beef Jerky

No Sodium Nitrate - No Monosodium Glutamate
96% Fat Free - Very Low Carb

Gourmet Jerky        Claremont, CA      909-292-6805


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 High Protein - No Nitrate - Low Carb - Sugarless
 Energy Snack - Diabetic Friendly Snack - Holiday Gift

Company Information

Established in 1992 Gourmet Jerky is a California-based company specializing in premium quality beef jerky. Using natural processing techniques and only the freshest ingredients, we are committed to providing most mouth-watering  jerky products to the world's most discriminating customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. We deliver value, quality and service through our superior jerky product.

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909-292-6805 (phone)


Gourmet Jerky      Claremont, CA      909-292-6805      customerservice@TheGourmetJerky.com
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